5 Problems Many People In Long Term Relationships Experience


Relationships Experience

It seems that Hollywood is completely infatuated with the wrong type of love. Every romantic comedy or drama that hits the screen tends to focus its narrative on new lovers who are just starting to get to know each other. We watch as they go through ups and downs hoping vicariously that they will eventually end up together, and when they do, we’re treated to a song and some credits and the knowledge that the two characters will stay in love with each other for ever and ever.Read article

Breaking Down Jumps, Hops and Bounds



jumping kick

Jumping, hopping and bounding are great for training lower body power and stability. When performing these movements you’re teaching your body 1) how to generate power from both a single leg stance and a symmetrical stance and 2) how to stabilize your lower body in a dynamic situation. Both are very important qualities to possess from both a health and performance standpoint.Read article

What separates winners from losers?



workout with complete strength

Ever noticed how some teams or athletes get progressively worse as the season goes on while others keep getting better and better?  You see it in almost every sport and at every level, from youth leagues to the pros.  Analysts will say that the winners are on fire, on a hot streak, in the zone, etc. But why?  Have you ever stopped to think about what is going on under the surface?  Likewise, why does a team with talented coaches and athletes continue to play worse week after week after suffering a big loss or series of losses?  For that matter, how about a team who comes into a game performing really well, but before you know it the momentum has shifted and it seems like they can’t do anything right?Read article

So what do you get with our programs?



Our sessions are carefully monitored by our experienced staff and we try to keep the coach to client ratio no higher than 4:1 in our group sessions. This means each client gets the  individual attention and coaching that you’d usually pay 2-3 times as much for in a one-on-one setting. Our coaches have over 40 years combined experience training and coaching, have held powerlifting records, played at the Division 1 and professional levels, and coached at one of the most consistently successful D1 programs in the country. We know what it takes to be a winner and we will bring that same level of intensity and excitement to every workout.

Our weight loss programs for women are highly appreciated in lexington and acton. If you  need functional training with small group then we are the best personal trainers you can train with.Read article

Personal Training


personal trainer

It is my mission to provide you with the most up to date and efficient training methods to reach your goals. To become healthier, fitter, and feel younger is a long term commitment and for most people requires a change in lifestyle.

Whether you’re a beginner, weekend warrior, or a competitive athlete, or just wanting to get in shape, I can design a program specifically for you.Read article

How to do Split Squat



The Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (RFESS) has gained a ton of popularity over the last few years. In our program at Absolute Performance we’ve adopted the RFESS as our main squat movement – replacing back squats.

We also train the front squat and single leg squats, but the RFESS is the squat movement where we really try to push the loading. For one, we can increase load in a much safer manner with the RFESS than with bilateral squatting. Also, we can coach someone into a great looking split squat on their first day where it may take some people several months to be able to back squat with acceptable technique.Read article

Features of Best Facility and Classes


Workout Facility and Classes

Professional Workout Facility and Classes
We helps clients in Mesa and the surrounding areas achieve their fitness goals and dreams. Don’t worry about working out with a bunch of strangers when you choose us.

Experience excellent service
Clients count on our great local and family-owned gym for fun workouts and a knowledgeable staff.Read article

How to Loose Weight With Proper Diet


Weight loss diet program

Dieting is one more mountain to climb… higher… and yet, today you may need a little more oxygen and a helpful push to get to the top. The support you want consists of the most advanced information and technology from the most trusted source – a bariatric physician (a physician who specializes in weight loss), along with your bariatric team (experts in nutrition and exercise).
Remember when losing a few unwanted pounds was as easy as playing a couple games of basketball at the gym? Or maybe it was flag football at the park or racquetball with a buddy. Your metabolism was high, you could run on all eight cylinders and losing weight was a snap! You could eat anything and keeping track of calories wasn’t in your schedule.

Read article