The essentials: Indispensable fitness accessories for women

fitness for women
Indispensable fitness accessories for women

Whether you are a sports freak or lazybones, your regular exercise time must be made as pleasurable as possible. Ladies, you know what I mean!

There is a sea of possibilities in terms of fitness accessories whose only raison d’etre is to make exercise enjoyable for women. From the right underwear, to the best smart watch with heart rate measuring, all these sports items are meant to increase your motivation and decrease any discomfort you may feel.

Sports Apparel

Sportswear is an essential that may determine how often and for how long you exercise – depending on how comfortable you are in your clothes.

When you are choosing your sports apparel, it’s important to consider the appropriate fabric for the right type of activity. For more intensive exercise, make sure to choose breathable materials that soak in sweat and allow your body temperature to regulate. Polyester or polyamide, mixed with elastane for that much needed flex, is a suitable choice. For other exercises, such as yoga and pilates, which are not that intensive and don’t have the sweat factor, it’s better to choose soft and elastic fabrics that allow you to move freely. Stretching is the key here, so leggings are the top choice.

Adidas Women Sports Bra / Adidas / CC BY

Pay special attention to your sports underwear. It can make it or break it for your sports regime. Breasts, independently of the size, need support during exercise. For bigger sizes, a great option can be the sports tops that have a breast support part as well. For really intensive exercises, you should go for a sports bra with V-stripes that cross on the back. This ensures the best hold. Check out the Adidas Supernova Racer Bra and the Champion The Show-Off Bra.

When it comes to sports shoes, the choice again depends on your chosen activity. Running shoes are quite specific because they should be very protective of the feet and legs with shock-absorbing and springy effects. Good picks are the New Balance 890v4 and Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14.  Indoor sports are a bit less pretentious, but should still be performed with shock-absorbing and anti-slip shoes.

Fitness gadgets

There is huge potential for increasing your enjoyment and satisfaction of sports by using fitness gadgets. They can be of great help to monitor and measure your fitness activities, but naturally, they should be chosen with care. You can use only that many gadgets – before they turn into an obstacle.

Reaping the benefits of your mobile devices for sports purposes is a good idea as well. With the richness of mobile apps dedicated to fitness and health, some are bound to make it to your mobile phone. A fitness motivation app is a great place to start. Without it, after all, there will be no exercise at all.

Gadgets that measure heart rate are a good idea for any cardio activities. The Polar heart rate monitor is an excellent option. This measuring can be done in a simpler way even with a heart rate iPhone app such as Digfit, for example. It’s available for Android as well.

If fitness tracking for success is on your agenda, then there are gadgets to assist you here as well. The Nike+ Fuelband SE tracks calories, steps and even… sleep. The same goes for the Jawbone UP 24.

As for entertainment while doing sports, if you are into listening to music during your workout, the Bose MIE2 in-ear headphones can bring you that quality sound you need. The waterproofed iPod Shuffle is also a great choice for the sporty by nature.

Why not get some of these great fitness accessories for women as Christmas presents? Just give a good hint to your family and friends. Then you are just steps away from a more comfortable and satisfying exercising experience.