How to Loose Weight With Proper Diet


Weight loss diet program

Dieting is one more mountain to climb… higher… and yet, today you may need a little more oxygen and a helpful push to get to the top. The support you want consists of the most advanced information and technology from the most trusted source – a bariatric physician (a physician who specializes in weight loss), along with your bariatric team (experts in nutrition and exercise).
Remember when losing a few unwanted pounds was as easy as playing a couple games of basketball at the gym? Or maybe it was flag football at the park or racquetball with a buddy. Your metabolism was high, you could run on all eight cylinders and losing weight was a snap! You could eat anything and keeping track of calories wasn’t in your schedule.

But as you grow older, your body changes, and it becomes more difficult to lose weight. Now, a few extra pounds around your midsection may refuse to disappear – no matter how hard you try – your body won’t cooperate and you feel stuck in a cycle.
“The Fat Doctor” can get you back on track to better health!
Only the best medical weight loss programs can put you on the fast track to losing weight, without compromising your health, your budget or your time. Your bariatrician knows how to tailor a program to fit your needs and lifestyle. Trust your Alabama bariatrics team to provide the substance and facts you need to lose the weight and keep it off.
Curb those cravings

If it weren’t for those pesky little food cravings, you’d have the willpower you want and the goal weight you desire. Sometimes, it takes a little more. Your bariatric team knows just how to combine the right amount of exercise, nutrition, and information to ease you into your new habits and self confidence. You can regain control over your eating and get back that “old” feeling that put confidence in power drive.

Your bariatric physician may also prescribe the newest weight loss medications to help you “kick” start your program. And, expect that your bariatric team will carefully monitor your progress.
The American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) has the most skilled providers in medical weight management. ASBP physicians have formulated guidelines to ensure the most advanced care for all those who seek treatment for overweight conditions.

The ASBP is the national non-profit professional association of physicians. Through its excellence in medical education and research, the ASBP provides its members with guidelines and procedures to follow in the practice of “quality care” bariatric medicine. So, when you select a phyisician with this professional affiliation, you can be confident knowing your physician is receiving the most up-to-date information in the field.
Overweight and obesity produce numerous health risk factors that can lead to serious diseases such as diabetes and heart conditions. Just a few pounds of weight loss can dramatically reduce your health risk profile. Your choice of a weight loss physician is an investment you make in the rest of your life and the gift you give to others who count on you.