Personal Training


personal trainer

It is my mission to provide you with the most up to date and efficient training methods to reach your goals. To become healthier, fitter, and feel younger is a long term commitment and for most people requires a change in lifestyle.

Whether you’re a beginner, weekend warrior, or a competitive athlete, or just wanting to get in shape, I can design a program specifically for you.

What is the right Training for me?

Training does not have to be hours long, in fact it is much more effective to use shorter and higher intensity training sessions to become lean and more muscular.  With the right training and correct nutrition before and after workouts, the body will release growth hormone which is responsible for fat loss, muscle gain, and an all over younger appearance.

Growth hormone (GH) declines as we get older (decline in the 30s) and it is important to add training which releases GH to our exercise routine to maintain a muscular and lean body.  Short burst, high intensity exercise done safely, are the best way to release this powerful hormone naturally.

Running, biking, swimming, and traditional weight lifting exercise your slow and intermediate muscle fibers. However, only the fast Type 2B fibers release the rejuvenating GH which are only stimulated with heavy weight lifting, super sets, and high intensity exercise.

“Sprinting”  for about 10 to 30 seconds on a bike, treadmill, eliptical…, circuit training, heavy weight lifting are ways to increase this powerful hormone. Getting out of breath and feeling the burn are the most efficient ways to get in shape. Its fun, time efficient, and easy to do at home, outdoors, or in a Gym.