So what do you get with our programs?



Our sessions are carefully monitored by our experienced staff and we try to keep the coach to client ratio no higher than 4:1 in our group sessions. This means each client gets the  individual attention and coaching that you’d usually pay 2-3 times as much for in a one-on-one setting. Our coaches have over 40 years combined experience training and coaching, have held powerlifting records, played at the Division 1 and professional levels, and coached at one of the most consistently successful D1 programs in the country. We know what it takes to be a winner and we will bring that same level of intensity and excitement to every workout.

Our weight loss programs for women are highly appreciated in lexington and acton. If you  need functional training with small group then we are the best personal trainers you can train with.


This is a component of training that is often overlooked or ignored. We believe in keeping our clients healthy and their bodies moving correctly. Each session starts with a 10-15 minute dynamic warmup and mobility workout. This not only allows us to reduce the risk of injury, but also lets us add in corrective exercises that prepares the joints to handle the demands of resistance training.


Each session includes training specifically designed to improve the athlete’s footwork, running mechanics, sprint starts, etc. We specialize in making athletes faster and often have them taking tenths off their 40 in a short period of time just by making a few simple adjustments. Once form is perfected there’s only one way to get faster, and that’s to get stronger. Which leads us to…


We use traditional methods enhanced with the knowledge of modern exercise science. This allows us to train hard but also keeps our athletes healthy, addresses their weak points, and increases their overall strength levels. You can have beach muscles and still be useless on the field, which is why our programs are based around developing real world strength that will translate to increased performance in your sport. We do the traditional lifts with barbells and dumbbells, but also incorporate olympic lifts and lots of bodyweight exercises along with unilateral movements and core strength and stability exercises to develop what is known as “functional strength.”


The part everyone hates. It takes absolutely zero talent to be in shape, yet so many people ignore this critical aspect of their training because they find it boring or hard. our athletes end their workouts with some kind of conditioning or energy systems work based on what will carry over to their sport. We don’t waste our time running long distances and making our athletes slow and injury prone–we train the same way we expect our athletes to play. We GUARANTEE if you train with us, your conditioning will not be an issue when it’s time to play.