To Stay or Go

To Stay with child or Go
To Stay or Go

The debate surrounding whether mothers should stay home with her child(ren) continues at the same fevered pitch it’s roared at for years. As a matter-of-fact, the intensity of the discussion has increased in many aspects.

The decision to stay at home to raise a family hinges on many factors and it goes without saying that the decision is not one to be taken lightly. Expectations should be spelled out clearly and adhered to as closely as possible. We all know that plans can go awry, emergencies arise, and a variety of other things come up to disrupt the flow but what’s expected in this situation but expectations should be established early on. Although a mother will be in the home the large majority of time, this in no way implies that she should be construed as a maid. Chores should still be evenly distributed.

One of the major arguments that surfaces when the subject of staying at home to raise child(ren) arises is whether or not there will be damage to the child(ren) because of the lengthy daily separation from the parent. Various studies have shown various results. Some experts believe that this separation creates a high level of damage to the psyche of the developing child while other believe it increases independence in the child. Others believe that an absence from a career that a mother loves in order to raise a family develops into depression and possibly even resentment toward the child.

The decision to stay at home is extremely personal and should not hinge on the opinion of the masses. Your household is yours. The decision is yours. The argument and ultimately the decision to stay or go, goes far beyond the aforementioned reasons. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as it were. Choose wisely.