Winter-shield your skin this Holiday season

Winter-shield your skin this Holiday season
Winter-shield your skin this Holiday season

Christmas and New year are round the corner and the holiday gatherings have begun. As the ‘to-do’ list grows; it becomes all the more important to stop, take a moment and look at your skin! Harsh Winter spares no one’s skin, even the best gift givers among us. Here is more on how to Winter-shield your skin this Holiday season;

What does Winter do to our skin?

When the mercury drops, the moisture in the air lessens. Throw in some sub zero temperature winds with a combination of central heating and your skin is faced with a bad cocktail of low moisture levels and extreme temperatures. While we cover up all over, the least protected skin; our face is exposed.

How does the skin react to this?

Depending upon the type of skin you have, the reactions will vary. People with combination or dry skin will start to see the dry areas of their skin become drier while people with Oily skin might notice their skin turning more oily as the oil glands begin to overwork themselves to cope with the lack of moisture.

How to counter these affects?

Just like we dress up differently for Winter as compared to Summer, we ought to have a different skincare routine for Winter.

What should the skin care routine contain?


  • Moisturizer


First up, a moisturizer. Winter weather demands a heavier moisturizer that will penetrate through the various layers of the skin to maintain its pH balance. pH balance here refers to the right amount of oil in your skin to keep it waterproof and resistant to infections. Too much oil will lead to oily skin and acne and too little will lead to dry skin and premature aging. For oily and combination skin, opt for oil-free moisturizers.


  • Cleansers


Your skin in winter needs to be cleaned at least once a day with a gentle non-stripping cleanser. Even if you have normal skin other times of the year, it will benefit you to have a sensitive skin cleanser just for the Winter months. After washing, do not wipe your face with a wash cloth as that can be harsh on your skin. Pat dry or air-dry instead.


  • Face Masks


Treat your skin to a face mask once a week to keep it healthy looking in Winter. Go for hydrating masks that contain Olive oil, Lavender oil and/or Aloe among other naturally moisturizing ingredients. Even better, make your own face mask by mixing banana (half) along with a tablespoon of regular Oats; use a blender to achieve a smooth consistency. Apply and leave for 15 minutes before washing with lukewarm water. Your skin will thank you!


  • Make-up free day


This is good even for other seasons as well. Choose a day, one that has you staying at home to not wear any make up. Cleanse your skin, apply a good moisturizer and let your skin breathe for the rest of the day. Ensure that you never sleep with makeup on because your skin, like all other organs works to repair itself while your body is at rest.

Now that you have your Winter skincare under your belt, you can look and feel great this holiday season. With glowing healthy skin, you’ll make any outfit look like it’s a million bucks!